New Path to a Healthier and Thinner Me

Beginning tomorrow, I will be making a lifestyle change to following the Paleo Diet mostly.

  • Plenty of Veggy’s & Fruits
  • Nuts & Seeds Natural
  • Hummus
  • Chicken & Turkey Breast
  • Olive Oil


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Daily Dose of Nutrition Facts

I am becoming obsessed with nutrition! My most recent discovery: Coconut!

  1. Coconut oil is source of energy and has an accelerating effect on the metabolism.
  2. Coconut Water Can Be Used as a Substitute for Blood Plasma !!!
  3. The “meat” of the coconut is high in protein; whereas the milk is refreshing, light and low in sugar.
  4. Aside from their culinary purposes, they are also used for cosmetic purposes and as a mosquito repellent (burning the husk).
  5. Coconut meat contains several nutrients that support good health and prevent illnesses.
  6. It kills germs, has anti-aging properties, increases metabolism and helps prevent cancer.

I have added coconut in my diet and I’ve noticed my energy levels have increased!



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